Can a Stretch Mark Cream like Marksil™ Really Work?


Marksil™ is a stretch mark cream that has been formulated to help reduce the appearance of both old and new stretch marks. Marksil™ contains key ingredients to help diminish the look of discoloration in stretch marks, enhancing the skin’s overall appearance to help make the skin appear more toned, firm, and smooth by providing support to the nearby skin of the stretch marks.


Not all stretch mark products offer the added benefit of being able to reduce or fade the visible discolorations of stretch marks. Not all products are clinically tested. Using Marksil™ which has both of these mentioned features can help diminish the look of your stretch mark areas. When you address visual discolorations of the marks you certainly are making them less noticeable. A clinically tested product provides the potential user with possible expectations and results that may occur from use of the product. Marksil™ provides the data and statistics from the eight week consumer perception study that was conducted in a clinical setting to determine the effects of Marksil™.


Subjects reported in questionnaire results that they believe its use:


·         Improved overall appearance

·         Improves feel of firmness, tightness, and elasticity

·         Improved radiance, tone, and clarity

·         Improve softness and smoothness

·         Diminish skin discoloration

·         Reduced roughness and dryness

In addition, instrumental analysis demonstrated:


·         Statistical significant increases associated with elasticity and firmness after four and eight weeks of application (15% and 13%)

·         Dramatic increase in moisture content of stretch-marked skin after one, four, and eight weeks of application (45%, 56%, and 87%)

Marksil™ is a clinically tested formula containing key ingredients to help you target the appearance of your stretch marks. Our unique blend of natural botanicals and other beneficial ingredients help the skin feel moist and hydrated. Marksil™ can be used by both men and women and applicable to both old and new stretch marks. Order Marksil™ today!


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